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Good Afternoon,

I launched a campaign to help raise funds for Gabrielle and Gabriel's lemonade stand: http://igg.me/p/100816. The money raised will go towards expenses, a Super Mario Bros Wii game, a local homeless shelter, and savings for education and a trip to Disney World. All I ask is for a $3 donation. If you would like to donate more that will be AWESOME! Gabrielle is super excited already. The stand location will be near the Downtown Area. Once we have a definite time I will let you know if you would like to stop by and check it out. Angel's Lemonade also has their own personal Lemonade webpage that has the most up to date information: http://sites.lemonadeday.org/angelslemonade Thank you in advance for your time, consideration, and donation!!!

Food 4 Thought

You know I've been reading and listening to a lot of things since Michael Jackson has passed. I find it to be extremely interesting how people mention that he was weird or I loved him until he became weird. So, I guess that means when you are different than the norm and misunderstood you are automatically weird. Wow. What does that say to our youth that it’s not okay to be different because you will be ridiculed and talked about because you’re different? Michael Jackson was a very gifted and talented man and that's something NO ONE can take that from him. If you look through history extremely talented people have been tortured souls, had demons of sorts, etc. The greater you are in displaying the Gift God gave you the harder the enemy tries to bring you down. No one has walked in his shoes so NO ONE should be able to comment on how it felt to be him and be different and never really feeling LOVED because he was different and misunderstood. I can go on but I won't...

BTW what type of person do you think you would be if you were truly functioning in the GREATNESS GOD has ordained for YOUR LIFE? What type of people will PERSECUTE YOU? What things will THEY say? How many jealous PEOPLE will show THEMSELVES? We put conditions on when and how long we will love someone...how does it feel when people do it to you?


well, i haven't posted anything in like forever i learned a lot about people again in my life and had to walk away from one person i've known for ten years this month it was too much drama for me to continue on with in my life

i've learned a lot about myself i learned that my tolerance level for shit was ten before i had my daughter and currently is a five i have also learned that in the far recesses of my mind if there is no two way street of support i can't deal with that person or situation anymore i'm tired of giving support and not getting it anymore

i'm tired of waiting on people so i think i need to change the people i surround myself with people wonder why i just do stuff by myself hmmmm i wonder

it has just been a learning experience for myself and of others and how i want to move from this point in my life

so if you think i can't do it or i will fail or you doing something to say "i did this or that" means something to someone other than you you can kiss my ass and go straight to hell do not pass go or collect two hundred dollars

kick rocks

Detroit Housing Commission

Hey, go to this site between now and no later than February 5th early afternoon to be placed on the Section 8 Housing List in Michigan!


What to Expect When Your Expecting...

Check this out!


It's a What to Expect Clorox Guide by the lady that writes What to Expect....

cAn YoU sAy....

2 dAy SaLe?

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I See Dumb People!!!!